Nectar Floral
The honey used in the phloem industry products is completely organic (without application of insecticides at source) extracted from the quince flower, vine - grape button broom and anjica. After centrifuging, will the decanting and storage process, to be transported to the plant.

To ensure perfect and already renowned effectiveness of the products, the phloem has its own laboratory with pharmacists assigned to minunciosamente analyze the physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of natural honey; their level of purity and possible terms of consumption, rejecting all honey contaminated with harmful microorganisms to health.

The Nectar Floral line exists from the foundation in 1993, being improved and enhanced over the years. In all, the portfolio of Nectar Floral comprises twenty-one products from natural honey and made ​​the sprays and lozenges, and is present in 17 Brazilian states, the major networks.
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