Propolis is a powerful substance used by the bees as an antibiotic. She varnishing the brood comb , the walls and ceiling of the hive, preventing the proliferation of microbes and viruses, and is used to embalm enemies that may enter the hive.

In the utility to the human body, propolis has an amazing therapeutic potential due to the large amount of enzymes that contains.

It has high bactericidal power and is indicated for the treatment of respiratory and urinary tract, the treatment of wounds, burns, tumors, and fungal infections, boils, skin spots, warts, herpes zoster and various other diseases.

Its therapeutic potential has surprised great researchers carefully analyzed the chemical components of propolis and found that it can also be taken to help fight ulcers, rheumatism, gastritis, sore throats, bronchitis, coughs, colds, etc., being used in liquid or ointment.

Is a substance that does not have contraindications and may be used with any medication recommended by the physician.
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